Device Owner View
Here you can view detailed information about Device Owner.
The User profile contains information about the user Name, user Organization, user Country, information about the user Status, Role, Email, Last login, Tags and there may also be other custom information.‌
Single Actions menu is triggered by hovering Actions column in user's row. Available actions:‌
  • Edit – edit data that was provided during invitation. Same modal window as for Invite User. Email can't be changed.
  • Change Password – modal window opens. "Are you sure want to change user password?" prompt NEW PASSWORD input field.
  • Send Device Log – sends selected user's devices logs to Administrator's Email
  • Force Logout – logs user out immediately. No confirmations required.
  • Transfer User – you can transfer this user to another organization. You would need to input an email address of administrator in a Destination Organization Administrator Email field.
  • Delete Account – modal window will appear. Type DELETE and confirm the action are required.

Information Tab

The Information tab contains information about:‌
  • Status – 3 registration statuses are possible:
    • pending – the user is invited, but the email is not confirmed (user haven't logged in)
    • active – the user confirmed the email, logged at least one time
    • inactive – the user hasn't logged for 1 month
  • Email
  • Nickname
  • Phone Number (optional) – 15 digit international phone format for any country.
  • Role – 3 roles available: Admin, Staff, User with different access and permissions.
  • Client Custom fields- may contain additional information about the user required for work.
  • Timezone- user location timezone.

Actions Log Tab

On the Action logs tab, the user can select a time interval to view the actions for this period:
The table contains information about:‌
  • Time – Date and time of the Action
  • Organization Name
  • Client – _**_Android, iOS, Web, HTTPS API, Automation, Alexa, Google Home, Other
  • Action Name
  • Action Code

Devices Tab

The Devices tab contains information about all user devices‌
  • Name – Name of Device
  • Status – Online or Offline
  • Model- Model of Device
  • Last Updated-Date and time of the last update
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