This is Devices' Dashboards Templates settings section.


Here you can setup Template Dashboard that will be used by Devices.

  1. Tap Menu button to open Widget Box drawer

  2. Select the Widget and tap on it's name to add it to the Grid

  3. Set up the Widget

  4. Add another Widget/s if needed by repeating previous steps

  5. Move and combine the Widgets until you get Dashboard's UI you need.

  6. Once it's done, tap Exit pictogram. All the changes are saved now. Template screen is open.

Actions applicable to Widget:

  • Move hold and drag to any area of the grid so you can combine it with other widgets to create integral composition of the Dashboard you create.

  • Resize hold and release. Green markup with dots on the movable borders will appear. Hold and drag one of the dots to the side you want.

  • Set up/Edittap to open setup screen where you can link Datastreams and set up widget's design and properties.

  • Clone – this option can be applied to both new (empty) and previously set up widgets. Hold and drag the widget to Clone pictogram (it will appear at top left when hold). Now move this copy to desired grid area.

  • Delete hold and drag the widget to Recycle pictogram (it will appear at top right when hold). Or Edit Widget, scroll down to the bottom of the screen, tap Delete button. WARNING: there's no action confirmation and the widget will be permanently deleted.

  • Clear the Grid tap Recycle pictogram at top right of the screen. Confirm the action.

Widget Box

Here you can find Widgets of four groups:

  • Controllers – buttons, switches, sliders, joysticks, etc.

  • Displays – value displays, LCD, LED, Charts, etc

  • Interface – tabs, menu, map, inputs, etc.

  • Other – specific properties entitites that outfits previous section funcionality.

Scroll the list and tap on the Widget you need to add it to the Grid. Tap the Widget to set it up.