!Building a Commercial Product A-Z

Product is a complex solution consisting of various functions that need to be configured. Blynk.360 allows you to create a digital model of your product for web and mobile platforms.

Please follow these steps to create your product Template and configure it's basic functions:

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Create a Template

  1. Open Templates section

2. Click + New Template button to start configuring your product Template

3. Provide basic Information about the product you want to create:

4. Set up your product's Metadata that will describe user's device or environment settings.

5. Configure Datastreams that you would like to use with your product Devices.

6. Create Events for your product if you want to monitor devices current status and inform about important events.

7. Set up Dashboard for your product that will ease your devices interaction for users

Link mobile dashboard with your product:

  1. Open Blynk.App

  2. Log In to your account

  3. Switch to Constructor mode [image]

  4. Add a new Template [image]

  5. Link it to your product [image]

  6. Add the widgets you need and assign them datastreams [image]

  7. Publish the changes [image]

Configure your board:

  1. Open Dynamic Provisioning Template: - ESP8266 - ESP32 - MKR1000 - MKR1010

  2. Specify TMPLID, SSID WiFi and Board Name in the sketch

  3. Flash this template to your board

Congratulations, you have configured your product and it is ready to use!

Now all that remains is to add your test board using Blynk.App, make sure it works as you expect, and integrate your code.