What is Blynk

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Blynk IoT Platform is a white-label, multi-tenant software solution that allows you to build personal and commercial IoT projects connected products.

With Blynk you can start with building a prototype or personal project and then scale it up to millions of commercial connected devices.

Blynk platform allows you to connect almost any electronics hardware to the Internet, start collecting data from devices, monitor and control them remotely from anywhere in the world

Data from devices can be stored, aggregated, and visualized in easy-to-build mobile and web applications.

Blynk is a real-time system where you can create outstanding experience for your end-customers and perform complex analytics

The four major components of the Blynk IoT Platform are:

  • Blynk.Cloud

  • Blynk.Edgent

  • Blynk.app

  • Blynk.360