Devices tab

Tap Add New Device in case your Devices tab is empty or you need to add new devices.

Start provisioning

Follow the provisioning steps.

Devices tiles

You will see the tiled list of devices after they are added.

Right sidebar

You can add new and stack/sort existing devices in the right side menu

Device dashboard

Tap Device tile to open it's Dashboard. Here you can view and interract with device's stats and settings.


Timeline tab displays all events related to this device. Events are also displayed in the Notifications tab

Device settings

On the tab Settings, you can edit the device’s settings

Device actions

Actions Menu options:

  • Reconfigure – use it to connect new or factory-reset Device so it has all data and settings of a previously set up and used Device. Starts provision flow.

  • Erase all device datacritical action! Erases all data generated by the device with no restore option. Confirmation window is present.

  • Deletecritical action! Deletes the device and all it's data. Confirmation window is present.