Types of users
Every registered user on Blynk is always a member of an Organization, even if it's just a single-person organization. Such structure enables multi-tenancy. Within the organization there can be different types of users:

Types of users

Types of users are related to, but different from Roles and Permission.


Users of this type have access to all the functionality required to configure the platform for use by end-users (also called Clients). This is usually someone who builds the hardware, develops the firmware, and does all the needed configurations.
By default, the **first user in Organization becomes a Developer
Currently, only one developer is allowed per Organization to avoid sync issues. This limit might be changed later.

End-users (also Clients)

These users can add devices and use the platform's functionality based on their role and set of permissions, but they can't edit any configurations made by the Developer.


Available in Enterprise version only. These are the members of Partners organization with an **additional set of functionality to create and manage clients. Partners could be:
  • Distributor
  • Reseller
  • Contractor
  • Installer

Roles and permissions

Access to user management including roles and permissions depends on your plan.
Each user has a role in the organization. By default there are three main roles.
  • Admin
  • Staff
  • User
Each role has a set of permissions. Read more about it here