Branding Materials

Icon, logo and other resources necessary for publication of Android/iOS applications in application stores

App Name

Max length: 12 characters. We do not recommend to use a very long name as OS will truncate it.

App Icons

Your app icon design is very important. Please follow Apple and Google guidelines to design nice looking and recognizable icons.

Minimum requirements t

  1. PNG or SVG

  2. Size: 1024x1024px

For Android 2 layers are required. Transparency is allowed.

Corner rounding is not allowed. You need to provide images with no corner raiduses applied. Rounding is applied by an operating system of the smartphone. Different OS apply different rounding. So make sure that your icon content is not cropped with any radius

You can add your company's logo or product logo to the login screen of your app. This will be the first thing your customers see when they create a new account or log in.

  1. Format: .PNG

  2. Size: 1440px wide or more

  3. Transparency: Allowed

App Branding

Console and mobile apps can be customized to reflect your company brand. Here is what can be customized:

  • Dark or light theme

  • Colors (you would need to provide your brand colors)

  • 2 fonts (primary, secondary, numeric)

  • Icons (where applicable)

  • Custom images where applicable

  • Automation cover images

Contact your Launch Support Engineer for details

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