I Can’t Sign Up or Log In

Check that correct hardware and port are used when uploading the sketch

Potential Reasons:

  • Wrong email address

  • The password is incorrect

  • The user with the specified email address is not registered in the system

Check that your device connects to 2.4 WiFi network


  • Specify correct email address

  • Be sure to type the correct password

  • Reset password

  • Check the specified email inbox to be sure it's registered in the system

  • Register with a different email address

No Email Received

Potential Reasons:

  • You entered an incorrect email address

  • The email got into the SPAM folder

  • Email server issues


  • Specify correct email address

  • Check your SPAM folder

  • Contact you mail server administrator

No Connection to Cloud Server

Potential Reasons:

  • You do not have an Internet connection

  • The server is rebooting

  • Intermediate providers issues


  • Check your Internet connection

  • You should wait for a while to reboot the server

  • Run traceroute command in your OS terminal, contact your ISP and provide them with this data

Device is Offline

Potential Reasons:

  • Connectivity issues

  • Incorrect SSID or password in the sketch code

  • SSID or password are not specified in the sketch code

  • Old version of library or even beta version is used

  • Outdated ESP core version


  • Check if the device is powered on

  • Check your Internet connection between the device and Blynk.Cloud (mind Wi-Fi signal strength and distance)

  • Be sure to use the latest version of library, otherwise re-flash and launch Device Reprovision process

  • Check your ESP core version is up to date, otherwise re-flash and launch Device Reprovision process