Working With Clients

Recommended workflow

You would need a PRO or Business Plan to use these workflows

This article is a recommendation on how to provide managed services for your clients. Blynk defines managed service as a workflow where your company acts as an administrator and manually sets up every client. This is an opposite to self-serve workflow (available in Business Plan only) where users can create new account in your app using their email address and then add devices by themselves.

Overall, all you need to do is to create an organizational hierarchy that works for your business. Our recommendation is to use Organizations feature and build a structure similar to this:

Your Company Organization (Root Organization in Business Plan)
└ My Clients (this is an organization/group where all of your clients will be kept)
   ├ Client 1 Organization
   ├ Client 2 Organization
   ├ ...
   └ Client N Organization

For Business Plan users. If you don't plan to allow users regiser by themselves, you can use Clients Organization (available out-of-the-box) and keep all of your clients there.

We highly recommend placing clients under one Organization (e.g. My clients) because:

  1. You can set up Roles and Permissions for this organization and apply these settings to all organization down the tree. Even though you can set up roles and permissions individually for any client, organizing it this way will save you a lot of time in the future.

  2. You can set up which columns to show in the Device List in Console and apply it to all organizations below.

  3. You can give access to My Clients Organization to your staff and control how what they can do there (using Roles and Permissions).

Get yourself familiar with these features to manage clients more efficiently:

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