Locations (Job Site or Facilities)

This table stores preset Locations that Users or Devices can be assigned to during their setup or edit.

Note: this entity has 3 variations

Table contents

There are 5 specific columns:

  • Location Name

  • Address – displays full address of the Location

  • Users – displays assigned users quantity

  • Devices – displays assigned devices quantity

  • Owner – displays E-mail of the user who created the Location

Table view can be sorted in ascending/descending order by any column value.

Locations can be found by Location Name, Address or Owner E-mail – type at least 3 characters to get search results in the table.

Add Location

This button click opens modal window.

  • Name – make it meaningful and readable. 48 characters limit.

  • Address (field will appear after Name input) – start typing Location address up to 48 characters and there are 2 options available:

    • select from search suggestions

    • input manually

    Full form will be opened:

Check all the fields to be filled and correct here:

  • Name – will be transferred from the previous form. Can be edited.

  • Address – will be transferred from the previous form. Can be edited.

  • ZIP – postal code

  • State

  • City

  • Country

  • Latitude and Longtitude – automatically generated from the data given and can't be edited

  • Map view – location preview. No set point functionality at the moment.


  • Actions menu:

    • Edit (also can be accessed by click on Location Name) – opens Location create/edit full form

    • Manage Users (also can be accessed by click on Users counter) – assign or unassign Organization Users by selecting and moving them between All users and Users assigned columns. Search by User name, single and bulk selections are supported here.

    • Delete – standard Delete confirmation modal window opens after click. Only single Location delete option is supported.

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