Header Mini Widgets

Add up to 6 Mini Widgets to the header widgets to display battery level, the last reported timestamp, datastream value, and more.

You can utilize 2 rows, each row containing up to 3 mini widgets.

Adding And Deleting Widgets

To add a header widget, click on the "plus" icon located below the Template name, which will open the Widget Box. Select the desired widget from the available options.

Once the first widget is added, you'll notice two “plus” icons, enabling you to add widgets in different rows for enhanced customization.

To remove a widget, press on it to access its settings, and then tap the “trash” icon positioned at the top right corner. This will promptly delete the selected widget from your configuration.


You can hide/show header widgets from device. Use isHidden property API:

Blynk.setProperty(vPin, "isHidden", "propertyValue");


vPin is: virtual pin number the widget is assigned to

isHidden: property that controls the widget visibility

propertyValue: value of the property you want to change. true and false values are supported.


Blynk.setProperty(V12, "isHidden", true); // This will hide the widget

Don't put Blynk.setProperty() into the void loop() as it can cause a flood of messages and your hardware will be disconnected. Send such updates only when necessary, or use timers.

Change widget properties via HTTPs API

Updates the Datastream Property and all assigned Widgets

GET https://{server_address}/external/api/update/property?token={your 32 char token}&pin={your vPin}&{property}={value}

The endpoint allows you to update the Datastream Property value via GET request. All widgets (both web and mobile) that are assigned to this datastream will inherit this property. The Datastream Property is persistent and will be stored forever until you change it with another value. In order to clear the property you need to clear the device data in device actions menu.

Example: https://blynk.cloud/external/api/update/property?token=GVki9IC70vb3IqvsV0YD3el4y0OpneL1&pin=V1&isHidden=true

Path Parameters


{server address}*


Get from the bottom right of your Blynk console. More information.

Query Parameters




Device auth token from Device info



The datastream virtual pin (should start with "v")



The property of the widget you want to update: isHidden



true or false

Last updated