Note: please remember that web and mobile app widgets are set up separately in the Web Dashboard and Mobile App Dashboard sections correspondingly. They can still use the same datastreams to access the same data (Map widget is an exception – a different codebase is used for Map on mobile and web).
Label is used to show value of Virtual Pin e.g. length/distance, mass, duration, volume, temperature and other data types including strings. Also it can show level/progress bar (horizontal or vertical) and/or have widget colors changes based on getting different predefined values.


  • Label – name a Label widget so you or your client understand what it's about
  • Source – there are two fields:
    • Choose Source contains Datastreams used in the Product. Select one;
    • the left is Source agregation type menu it's used to select an option to be viewed:
      AVG of will plot average value per minute;
      Raw of data will plot using all the data available;
      SUM of will summarize all incoming values to the specified Virtual Pin;
      MIN of will plot minimum value per minute;
      MAX of will plot maximum value per minute;
      COUNT of will plot the number of times data was sent by device per minute;
  • Suffix – inches, lbs, oz, minutes, °F, etc., that will be shown after the value;
  • Text Alignment – 3 options are available: Left, Center, Right;
  • Background
    • disabled Change color based on value:
      • Background – pick a color for Label widget background from palette or define it by color number input
      • Text – same here;
    • enabled Change color based on value:
      • set MIN and MAX values and Background and Font colors (as it's described in previous paragraph);
      • Custom Text (optional) – value can be replaced by any text message up to 200 characters (be sure to set corresponding Label widget size);
      • default set is of 3 options and it can be changed in range from 1 to as much as you need:
        • click + button under the last MIN field to increase set;
        • hover to the right from CUSTOM TEXT field, Delete button will appear;
  • Level – enable it by switching Show level on to visualize accordingly to values set in MIN and MAX Value fields below.
Label widget setup demo
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