Web Dashboard elements design setup section.

There are two sections: left one contains Design properties setup and on the right there's a Preview window where changes made to different Dashboard elements are displayed in realtime.


Different colors for 5 elements types can be set:

  • Brand Primary Color – represents Organization's Brand color and is used mostly outside Web Dashboard on registration pages buttons and inside invitation Emails (background + Create Password button, etc.). Also it's applied to Web Dashboard main navigation panel Organizations and Template tiles.

  • Primary Color – marks main actions, highlights clickable menus, options on cursor hover and selected view options (such as navigation structure points or widgets view switches)

  • Positive Color – shows succesfully applied changes confirmation

  • Warning Color – is used for warning information text blocks notation

  • Critical Color– is applied to elements and actions that need extra attention before proceeding with them

Color settings

Click the color you want to change and pick or set a color you want.

Brand Primary and Primary Colors have advanced color picker options; Positive, Warning and Critical are limited to 13 grades of green, yellow and red (that's made for data safety purposes).


Move slider to set desired fields, tags and buttons rounding. Use step buttons for more precision.


Upload from computer or drag-n-drop .png or .jpg, only 1024x1024px to add an Icon that will be displayed on the top of the main Navigation Panel. Also it's a button that switches back to Root Organization from viewing Sub-organization)


Upload from computer or drag-n-drop .ico, .png or jpg, only 16x16 or 32x32px to add desired Icon everybody accessing Blynk.Console will see in browser's address bar

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