Get Device Metadata Value

You can get the value of any single-value (text, number, email, hostspot, device name, list, int, imei, image, iccid, device owner email) device meta field using it exact name (case sensitive).

loc.latlon is special hardcoded internal meta field to get device location "lat lon".

Get Device Metafield Value

GET https://{server_address}/external/api/device/meta?token={token}&metaFieldId={metaFieldId}

{% swagger-response status="400" description="Could not find a device token or Wrong metaField format or Could not find metaField id" %}

{"error":{"message":"Invalid token."}}


{"error":{"message":"Wrong metaField format."}}


{"error":{"message":"MetaField doesn't exist."}}

You can get the Device auth token in Device info.

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