Get Multiple Datastream Values

Get Multiple Datastream values

GET https://{server_address}/external/api/get?token={token}&{pin}&{pinX}

{% swagger-response status="400" description="Could not find a device token or Wrong pin format" %}

{"error":{"message":"Invalid token."}}


{"error":{"message":"Wrong pin format."}}

You can get the Device auth token in Device info.

Get All Datastreams values

GET https://{server_address}/external/api/getAll?token={token}

This endpoint allows you to get stored values of the all Datastreams by device token. The value(s) will be displayed in the response if the Datastream has a value.


Path Parameters

Query Parameters

    "a0": 1,
    "a1": 1,
    "a2": 1,
    "a3": 1,
    "d0": 1,
    "d1": 1,
    "d2": 1,
    "d3": 0,
    "v0": 1,
    "v1": 1.0,
    "v2": "string",
    "v3": 1,
    "v4": [

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