New Shipping

Shipping name

Each shipping should have unique name.
  1. 1.
    Click Keyboard pictogram near default shipping name (top left screen area)
  2. 2.
    Type new name (40 characters limit)
  3. 3.
    Click Save pictogram

Target selection

Target selection area
Template – select a Template available in your Organization from the dropdown menu
Preferred time – select the best option of firmware update time period:
  • Any – (default option) devices will be updated as soon as they connect to the server.
  • Night – 12AM-6AM
  • Morning – 6AM-12AM
  • Afternoon – 12AM-6PM
  • Evening – 6PM-12AM
Apply Update if the Device has – firmwares comparison conditions checks:
  • Lower firmware version – (default option) a semantic version is parsed from the binary file and compared against the device's firmware version.
  • Earlier build date, Another build date – build date of the binary file is parsed from the firmware info and compared against the stored one in the device information.
  • Lower generic version – Blynk.Edgent library version is compared.
Devices Selection Table – 2 options available here:
  • select Devices available if you want to update certain devices by marking their checkboxes.
  • leave the selections empty and all of the selected Product's/Template's devices will be updated including these that will be added in the future.
There are sorting (all columns) and filtering (Firmware Version column only) options available to make Devices search easier:
Sort, filter, select demo

Firmware info

When the binary file is uploaded, the extracted information is shown in this section. It is useful for making sure you have picked the right file.

Review and Start

  • Attempts limit and Attempts reset period If the device has failed to update for N times, the server will stop trying updating it until the attempts reset period will pass (which is 24 hours by default).