Device profile

The Device Profile screen provides an interface for monitoring and managing an individual IoT device.

The Device Profile screen provides an interface for managing and monitoring an individual IoT device. It includes device dashboard for real-time and historical data visualization and controls, device status, and various management and development actions.

Device Actions Toolbox

Provides navigation and access to essential actions on the device. The toolbox includes links to device Info & Metadata, Notifications & Events, Developer Tools, Download Reports screens as well as actions, such as:

  • Rename: Change the name of the device.

  • Transfer: Transfer device ownership to another user.

  • Notifications Settings: Configure notification preferences for the device.

  • Reboot: Restart the device.

  • Data Import: Import data to the device.

  • Erase Data: Permanently erase all data associated with the device.

  • Delete: Delete the device from the system.

Notifications & EventsDeveloper tools

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