The Testing tab is designed to allow developers to test and interact with their device’s datastreams using various API commands.

This section is essential for verifying the functionality of different parameters and ensuring proper communication between the device and the platform.


The API section provides options to get or update the values of datastreams, set properties, and log events.

API Command Tabs

  • GET value: Retrieve the current value of a specific datastream.

  • UPDATE value: Update the value of a specific datastream.

  • Set property: Modify the properties of a datastream.

  • Log event: Record events related to the datastream.

Datastream Selection

Allows the selection of a specific datastream to interact with from a dropdown menu (e.g., Humidity (V4)).

Data Type and Range: Displays the hint on the data type and acceptable range for the selected datastream (e.g., Double. Range: 0-100).

Value Input and Update

For Update value, Set property options you can enter a new value to update the datastream ().

You can also update multiple datastreams / properties usind Add button.

Code Snippets

The section provides code snippets for firmware API, HTTP API and MQTT API that can be used to perform the actions that were configured in the interface above from the hardware.

Use Timers to send data in intervals. Don’t place Blynk.virtualWrite command directly into void loop(). Read documentation here.

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