Usually, you'll want to subscribe to a widcard topic like downlink/#.

Request the Device Time and Timezone from Blynk

Publish topic get/utc/all/json, payload: empty

You will get a message on downlink/utc/all/json topic, with JSON-encoded payload:

    "tz_name": "America/Goose_Bay",
    "tz_rule": "AST4ADT,M3.2.0,M11.1.0",
    "tz_offset": -240,
    "dst_offset": 0,
    "time": 1709326077759,
    "iso8601": "2024-03-01T16:47:57-04:00"
  • tz_name: The time zone name. It typically follows the "Area/Location" format used by the IANA Time Zone Database.

  • tz_rule: Rules for Daylight Saving Time (DST) changes, following the POSIX TZ format.

  • tz_offset: The time offset from UTC in minutes for the standard time (not accounting for daylight saving time).

  • dst_offset: An additional offset in minutes applied during Daylight Saving Time. If DST is not in effect, this would be 0.

  • time: The current time as a UNIX timestamp in milliseconds.

  • iso8601: The current time formatted according to the ISO 8601 standard, which combines date and time into a single string, appended with the time zone offset from UTC.

All values, except for time (which is in UTC), are dependent on the device location. Blynk.Cloud determines the device's timezone based on the available location information, in the following order:

  1. The Location assigned to device

  2. If none of the above is configured, UTC time is used

Request an approximate device location

Publish topic get/loc/all, payload: empty

You will get a message on downlink/loc/all topic, with Lat Lon GPS coordinates separaed by comma.

The actual coordinates value depends on multiple factors, i.e:

  1. The Location assigned to device

  2. Network address of device

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