Custom Chart

The Custom Chart widget is a chart that is fully configurable by your users. You add the widget to your template web dashboard, and then you or your users may customize it from the Device console.

The datastream(s) must already exist prior to customizing the chart with the advanced settings Save raw data and Show in Custom Charts enabled for them.

It can be a good idea to create a separate tab in your device web dashboard, especially if you need different access permissions for it.

From Developer Zone -> My Templates -> Selected Template -> Web Dashboard, select or create a tab. Then drag and drop the Custom Chart widget to the tab’s window. Click the ‘Save And Apply’ button at the upper right when finished.

From Devices -> Selected Device, choose the dashboard tab with the widget of interest.


Select an existing datastream of any data type (integer, double, string, enumerable, GPS) to be displayed in the Custom Chart widget.

The slider below the chart will adjust the time period displayed. Note that the Time Period Filter above the chart has no effect on the time period displayed.

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