Changes from Blynk 0.1




Web Dashboard

🎉 New Blynk.Console

Android App

Legacy Blynk requires Android 4.2 or later

Blynk IoT requires Android 5 or later

iOS App

Legacy Blynk requires iOS 9 or later

Blynk IoT requires iOS 14.1 or later

Device Management

Voice Assistants

🎉 Alexa and Google Home integration (coming soon)

Device Provisioning and Profiling

🎉 New in Blynk.Edgent and Blynk.Apps

Over-the-Air firmware updates (Blynk.Air)

🎉 New in Blynk.Edgent and Blynk.Console

Event Logging

🎉 New in Blynk.Console and Blynk.Apps

Notifications management

🎉 New in Blynk.Console

Device and User Management

🎉 New in Blynk.Console

User Roles and Permissions

🎉 New in Blynk.Console

Device Sharing (via QR code)

✅ Replaced by inviting users


Bluetooth 2.0 SPP

❌ Not available in new Blynk (yet)

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

❌ Not available in new Blynk (yet)


16 new widgets: icon button, image button, step slider, vertical step slider, slop control, switch button, level slider, level slider with switch, radial gauge, enhanced gauge, gradient ramp, icon, link button, link image button, alias

✅ Only in Blynk 2.0

Bridge widget

✅ Replaced by Automations and Rule Engine (coming soon)

Eventor widget

✅ Replaced by Automations. Now works on iOS and Android

Timer widget

✅ Replaced by Automations

RTC widget

✅ No widget needed. Use Time API

WebHook widget

✅ Replaced by WebHook settings in Blynk.Console

Notifications, Email, Twitter widgets

✅ Replaced by Template Events

Terminal widget

Works only in realtime. History not supported

Table widget

❌ Not available in new Blynk (yet)

Device Selector

❌ Replaced with Device Tiles

Multi-device projects

❌ Replaced with Device Tiles and Dashboards (coming soon)


✅ Moved to Blynk.Console Scheduled reports not yet available

Widget min/max set property

❌ Widget min/max fields were moved to datastream settings


Local Server

❌ Available in White-label plan only

Private Business Server

✅ Remains available for White-label clients

Pricing Model

Blynk Energy

Replaced with subscription plans

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