General tab of the developer tools screen

Quick access panel

Contains important device attributes, such as status, last seen online, auth token, and template ID, as well as quick buttons to edit dashboard, download reports, create webhooks, or reboot device.

Click on auth token or template ID to copy.


This feature is available in the Maker and higher plans.

The Vitals section provides real-time monitoring metrics and insights into the device's performance. It is divided into several key areas:

Status Indicator

Displays the current status of the device (e.g., Online with a green dot indicating active status).

Online For

Shows the duration the device has been online (e.g., 1h, 25min(s)).


Displays the current ping in milliseconds (e.g., 124 ms), which indicates the network latency. Click on the icon to refresh.


  • Sent: Shows the amount of data sent by the device (e.g., 2,211 packets, 333 B bytes).

  • Received: Shows the amount of data received by the device (e.g., 221 packets, 22 B bytes).

Disconnections Today

Indicates the number of disconnections that occurred today (e.g., 12). This data considers Connection Lifecycle settings and excludes disconnections caused by Blynk.Cloud server restarts.

Disconnections Chart

Provides a visual representation of disconnections over the month, with larger dots indicating higher frequencies. Also shows the average count of disconnections daily within the month.

Hardware Info

Board Type

Indicates the type of board used (e.g., ESP32).

IP Information

  • IP Country

  • IP Latitude/Longitude

Heartbeat Interval

Displays the interval in seconds for heartbeat signals (e.g., 10 seconds).

Firmware Info

Firmware Version

Displays the current firmware version installed on the device.

Last Build

Shows the timestamp of the last build.

SSL Status

Indicates whether SSL is enabled or disabled (e.g., Disabled).

Blynk Library Version

Shows the version of the Blynk library in use.

Firmware Configuration

  • Template ID (e.g., TMPL03hIx7TL)

  • Template Name (e.g., Quickstart Template 333)

  • Auth Token (partially obscured for security reasons)

Click to copy the code.

OTA Update Button

Allows you to initiate an Over-The-Air (OTA) update for your firmware on this device.

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