It's designed to group and visualize data of selected Datastreams in Widgets (interface modules). Each of them performs a specific input/output function when communicating with the hardware. There are 6 types of Widgets:
To add widgets drag and drop them to Dashboard Preview window:
After widgets are added you can apply the following actions:
  • Arrange – drag the widgets to an areas you want so you can form desired dashboard view
  • Resize – hover widget's bottom right corner until cursor changes to resize pictogram, hold left mouse button so you can change widget's size and/or shape
  • Delete – permanently deletes the widget. Hover the widget and navigate to top right, click bin pictogram.
  • Clone – clones the selected widget (also it can be applied to configured widget). Hover the widget and navigate to top right, click clone pictogram.
  • Configure – opens widget configuration window.
IMPORTANT! In this section you are working with dashboard template only and it will not yet connect to your devices. You will need to save the template and apply it to actual devices. In order to see actual data and interact with your device, you need to go to your devices: Search -> My Devices -> Device
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