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In order to use Blynk IoT platform products you would need an account.

A valid email address is required to create a new account.

If you are a Blynk 1.0 user, you have to create a new account.

User account is needed to enable secure access to your data from different clients (iOS, Android, Web Browser) and from anywhere in the world.

  • Blynk doesn't and will never sell your data to any other companies and passwords are always stored encrypted

  • Blynk doesn't track your activity on other websites and apps

  • Blynk only gathers anonymous aggregated web and mobile app usage analytics in order to improve user experience

Your privacy is our default priority.

You can create a new account either in Blynk.Apps or Blynk.Console

Sign Up

  • Tap Sign Up button if you don’t have an account. Sign Up screen will open:

Sign up
  • Enter your E-mail, read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

  • Tap Continue and check your inbox for an Email with instructions.

Email sent

Tap Resend a Link if you can't find the invitation email (also mind checking Spam folder) after 1 minute interval) to send it again.

  • In the email you get tap Create Password button. The link will return you to the application.

Password creation
  • Enter the password following the hint below the field and tap Continue

  • Fill in your profile required and optional information.

Devices tab

Once you've finished with Profile setup your Sign Up is complete and you can add and manage Devices!

Sign In

  • Input your account Email and password

  • Tap Log In button

Log In

Once you've logged in, Devices tab will be opened. Here you can add and view and manage your devices or switch to Developer Mode.

Devices tab

Password Reset

If you forgot your account password, you can restore it by sending reset password link to your Email. Follow the steps below:

  1. Launch Blynk.Apps or go to Blynk.Console

  2. tap Log In button

  3. type your Email

  4. tap Forgot password? string

Log In
  • Confirm reset password link sending by tap on the Send button

Forgot password screen
  • After the link is sent, follow the instructions you see on the screen and then return to Log In screen by tap on the Back to Login button

Email sent

The link will be sent to the Email that was linked to your Blynk account during Sign Up.

  • Check your Email inbox please

If you can't find Reset your password letter in your inbox for a long period of time (it takes less than 1 minute to be delivered normally), check your Spam folder please. Otherwise, re-send the link from Blynk.Apps

  • Tap Reset Password button you've got in the Email

Once you've tapped Reset Password button, you'll be redirected back to Blynk.Apps and asked to type a new password.

We recommend to keep up to recommendations you see on the screen for security means. Check the strength-meter that is intended to assist you in generating strong password. You can check the password for typos with the tap on the _eye pictogram.

  • Tap Save button to submit new password

Your account password is successfully changed. You'll get UI an Email confirmation about that.

  • Tap Back to Login button and sign in to your account.

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