This datastream accepts a fixed set of values and transforms them into desired outcomes.

This Datastream specific fields INCOMING and OUTCOME allow to transform integer data to string.

Example: Device has sets of three positions: Open, Vent, Closed. In means of servo they are: 130, 20 and 0 This Datastream allows you to link these values: 130=Open, 20=Vent, 0=Closed So each time servo reaches any of those positions you'll get a readable state result instead of degrees. Follow these steps to create value translation:

  1. click add row

  2. set integer value than can be sent by your Device in INCOMING field

  3. in OUTCOME type string value that will be used/viewed instead of original integer value

  4. you can assign a color to this conversion

  5. click add row to set further conversion values

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