Roles and Permissions

Access and permissions management for different user roles
Free and Plus plans have a locked set of permissions for each role, meaning the default permissions by role cannot be changed. PRO and Business plans have permissions that may be edited by role.

Editing Roles and Permissions

Blynk has 3 default roles that can have different sets of permissions:
  • Admin – is intended to have the highest level of permissions
  • Staff – we recommend to set up and use this role for internal company functions and client support
  • Users – is intended to have the most limited set of permissions, mostly focused on managing their own devices


  • Collapse/Expand all in Actions block – applies eponymous actions to expandable permissions list
  • + / - buttons – click to expand/collapse specific permission sections
  • Enable/Disable switches – use the switches to grant/prohibit certain access level and permissions to specific users types. Note that some permissions are dependent on other permissions

The Full List of Permissions

Permissions Control

  • View roles and permissions
  • Create new roles
  • Edit roles
  • Delete roles


  • View users
  • Invite new users
  • Edit users
  • Delete users
  • Change user passwords
  • Force Logout
  • View user actions log
  • Transfer users
  • Download users list
  • Suspend users


Own Devices
  • View devices (currently it's under "Provision new devices")
  • Delete device data
  • Download reports
  • View timeline
Organization Devices
  • View devices (currently it's under "Add new devices from web")
  • Add new devices from using web app
  • Delete data from devices
  • Download reports
  • Access service tab
Auth Tokens
  • Edit auth tokens
  • Transfer devices

Blynk.Air: Firmware Over-The-Air Updates

  • Get access
  • Create new firmware shipments
  • Stop/pause shipments


  • View templates (currently it's under "Add new template")


  • Access organization settings
  • Switch to sub-organizations
  • Transfer organizations
Owned Locations
  • View locations
  • Create new locations
  • Edit locations
  • Delete locations
  • Assign users to locations
Organization's Locations
  • View locations
  • Create new locations
  • Edit locations
  • Delete locations
  • Assign users to locations
  • View automations
  • Create automations
  • Edit automations
  • Delete automations
  • Execute automations
Developer API
  • View OAuth token settings
  • Create OAuth tokens
  • Edit OAuth tokens
  • Delete OAuth tokens
  • View analytics
Rule Engine (under development)
  • View rule groups
  • Create rule groups
  • Edit rule groups
  • Delete rule groups
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