Add New Device

Connect the device with Blynk.Apps

  1. Tap Add new device

  1. Make sure your device is powered on and waiting for connection.

  2. Tap Ready

  1. Choose your device and tap it's name

iOS device connection:

Once the Ready button is hit, the application tries to automatically connect to the device AP based on its hotspot prefix - Blynk. If connection is successful, the app goes straight to the Connect your device step. If unsuccessful (e.g. because the device has different hotspot prefix), the app presents with the instructions to go to the system settings and connect to the device manually:

  • tap Go to Settings;

  • select your Device in Wi-Fi settings

  • return back to the Blynk application

  • tap Already connected;

  • if asked, allow Blynk application to connect to devices in your local network;

  • proceed with common add device flow


Connect your device to WiFi

Once the app is connected to the device, the next step is to send to the device the WiFi credentials for it to use.

  1. tap Choose Wi-Fi network and select the network your mobile device is connected to;

  2. type selected Wi-Fi password;

  3. there's an option to Remember this network for other devices – enabling it helps to save time if you need to add many devices.

  4. tap Continue.

Your smartphone will connect to the device and transfer the credentials, consequently, the device will try to connect to the internet and subsequently to the Cloud.

Device profiling

Once your device is successfully connected to the internet and the cloud, you can rename it to differentiate it from the others.

  1. Tap Continue

  1. Follow the on-screen steps to create Device profile

Check the device information to be correct on the Review screen. If something has to be changed you can edit it here by taping the field you need to edit.

  1. Tap Apply once all is fine

Profile is created.

  1. Confirm by tapping Continue

Finalizing setup

There’s one last screen of the provision process. 3 options are here:

  • Add new device – add and setup completely new device;

  • Add new device and apply most recent profile/metadata – our advice is to give devices different names;

  • Exit to app – end device adding process and proceed to using it.

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