Common Widget Settings

Note: please remember that web and apps widgets are set up separately and may have same datastreams set to view the same data (excepts Map widgets – those two use different codebase now).

Title (name + alignment)

Datastream Selector This is one of the main parameters you need to set. It defines which pin to control or to read from.

Mode (Push/Switch)

Send On Release This option allows you to optimize data traffic on your hardware. For example, when you move joystick widget, commands are streamed to the hardware, during a single joystick move you can send dozens of commands. There are use-cases where it’s needed, however creating such a load may lead to hardware overload and reset. Send On Release is a recommended setting for majority of applications. This is also a default setting.

Write Interval Similar to “Send on Release” option. However, it allows you to stream values to your hardware within certain interval. For example, setting write interval to 100 ms means that while you move the slider, only 1 value will be sent to hardware within 100 ms period. This option is also used to optimize data traffic flow to your hardware.

Show Value

Progress Gradient When you choose gradient, it affects the color of widget elements based on incoming values. For example: You set Gauge Widget with Min and Max parameters of 0-100, and choose green-yellow-red gradient. When hardware sends: - 10, Gauge will change it’s color to green color - 50 will change Gauge to yellow color - 80 will change Gauge to red color There are 2 types of gradients you can choose from: - Warm: Green - Orange - Red; - Cold: Green - Blue - Violet;

ON/OFF States

ON/OFF Labels

Edges Rounded/Sharp/Pill/Custom

Design Font size, Text color, Progress, Button, Handle

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