Here you can generate and store Client Id and Client Secret that will be used for integration with third-party systems.

You need Client Id and Client Secret in order to identify the client requesting for authentication. Those credentials let any 3rd party service authenticate with the Access Token URI. It is used to identify the request as coming from expected and trusted source.

Table contents

There are 4 specific columns:

  • Name

  • Client ID

  • Client Secret

  • URLs

Create New Token

  • Name – we recommend to use web services names up to 64 symbols.

  • Redirect URLs – add up to 11 (click Add URL and Bin buttons) URLs to external web services


  • Hover Client ID or Secret to view it – hint will appear, click Copy pictogram to put it to your clipboard

  • Actions Menu

    • Edit – (also can be accessed by click on row area) opens Token modal window

    • Delete – opens delete modal window. Follow the steps described there.

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