This is the main view, where you can manage all devices that belong to your organization, including the sub-organizations (if you have any).

Predefined Filters

My Devices – List of devices that belong to your organization and the ones you have access to based on role and assigned permissions

All Devices– list of all devices that your organization has access to, including all devices in sub organizations.

You can search devices by almost any parameter.

Search can be performed by the following fields:

  • Device Name


  • Firmware Version

  • Organization Name

  • Device Model

  • Template Name

  • Device Owner Name

  • Hotspot Name

  • Contact Email, Street Address, Phone Number

  • IMEI

  • Auth Token

  • Serial Number

  • Device ID

  • Tag

  • other Metadata set in Template

Search steps:

  1. Start typing to perform a search. Search results will be segmented by sections will appear in the dropdown.

  2. Click on result you need and you'll get all the Devices containing it in Table View

  3. Use sorting and filter of the table columns to narrow down the search.

Table view

Keep scrolling down to load more devices.


  • Click on Device Name – opens Device View

  • Click on Device Owner – opens Device Owner profile

  • Click on Organization Name – opens device Organization

Map view

Here you can search and view Devices (depending on selected filter) by their locations.

Applied filtering option and Devices count are shown at top left.

Map supports mouse scroll zoom in/out. Hold left mouse button to move the map.

You'll see dots of two colors on the map:

  • Blue – devices group with built-in devices counter. Click it to zoom in and view devices.

  • Orange – device. Click it to view device name, template logo, actual connectivity status and latest in/accessibility date. Click on Device Name on map opens Device View.

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