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Time (RTC clock)

Working with time using Blynk API
RTC stands for Real-Time-Clock and is usually a hardware component. However, Blynk offers you a way to get time to use in your embedded applications running on devices.
Please note that the accuracy of this method is up to several seconds.
To sync your device's time with Blynk cloud, use this command
Blynk.sendInternal("rtc", "sync"); //request current local time for device
For example you can use it right after device has connected to the cloud with BLYNK_CONNECTED() command:
BLYNK_CONNECTED() { //When device is connected to server...
Blynk.sendInternal("rtc", "sync"); //request current local time for device
To get the actual value in UNIX time format, you need to check the value of InternalPinRTC which is the system pin to store time. Here is how you can do it:
BLYNK_WRITE(InternalPinRTC) { //check the value of InternalPinRTC
long t = param.asLong(); //store time in t variable
Serial.print("Unix time: ");
Serial.print(t); //prints time in UNIX format to Serial Monitor
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