Note: please remember that web and mobile app widgets are set up separately in the Web Dashboard and Mobile App Dashboard sections correspondingly. They can still use the same datastreams to access the same data (Map widget is an exception – a different codebase is used for Map on mobile and web).
A great visual way to display incoming numeric values, e.g. Temperature, Pressure, Volume, etc.
  • Title – name the widget by editing Gauge inside top field
  • Datastream – select the one that will provide it's value
  • Level color
    • disabled Change color based on value – pick a color from palette;
    • enabled Change color based on value:
      • set MIN and MAX values and level color for that values range
      • default set is of 3 options and it can be changed in range from 1 to as much as you need:
        • click +Add Value button under the last MIN field to increase set;
        • you can Delete value range sets anytime you want to.
Last modified 1yr ago