Working With Templates

Template is a set of elements and configurations, used to display all Devices of a particular type. Templates are created and edited while in developer mode.

For PRO plans where creating sub-organizations is possible, creating, copying, editing or deleting templates is only available in the root organization. These actions are not possible in a sub-organization.

Create a Template

  1. Clicking on Developer Zone you immediately get to the Templates section

  2. Click New Template button to start configuring the Template

  3. Provide basic Template info in the modal window opened, click Done

  4. After that go through the tabs Info, Datastreams, Metadata, Events and Web Dashboard to set up all components of the template

  5. Click Save once you've finished the setup.

Edit a Template

Click on a template tile to view the Template. Click on Edit button to be able to make any changes. You can also Duplicate or Delete the template using the dropdown menu.

Delete a Template

This is a critical action that can affect how your devices and application work

  1. Open the Template

  2. In the drop-down menu select Delete option

  3. A confirmation dialogue will appear

  4. Templates without devices require simple confirmation

  5. If there are devices created with this template you will have to type in DELETE (in caps) in the confirmation field and mark the checkbox to confirm that you understand the severity of this action

  6. Click DELETE

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