Organizations are digital representations of real companies on Blynk Platform. Think or Organization as of an instance for group of users who use same sets of Templates and Devices.

Organization Settings in Blynk.Console


Name – must be unique. Use letters, digits, space or '.', '-', ''' characters. 80 characters limit.

Description – optional field with information about the Organization. Notes about sub-organizations can be put here. 200 characters limit with counter.

Can create Sub-Organizations – enable this option to allow to create affiliated Organizations under this one. It's useful when there's a need to setup a Client Organization

Logo – option to add Organization logo by uploading from computer or drag-n-drop a picture of .png or .jpg, min 500x500px format.


This screen showcases the User List and allows to invite new users.

User name – fill in this field with First and Last names of the user you want to invite.

Email Address – be sure to input correct Email. The invitation letter with links to apps will be sent to it.

Role – select user's role in this Organization. Admin, Staff and User roles are available from the dropdown menu.

Click Invite once all is done here. The invitation letter will be sent to user's Email and user account will appear in Users Invitations List.

Here you can see all users that have been invited to your organization with their names, roles and invitation statuses. Also you can change view order by toggling sorting arrows near the columns names and limit viewed users list by applying Status filter (multiple selections are supported).

More Organization management options

pageCreate a Sub-OrganizationpageWorking with Sub-OrganizationspageOrganization Settings

Keep in mind there are some limits applicable.

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