Keywords or terms that can be used to give a short description to a User or a Device. Available and visible only to Administrators.
Tags table

Table contents

There are 5 specific columns:
  • Icons
  • Id – every Tag has unique identificator in Web Dashboard and is automatically generated
  • Tag Name
  • Color
  • Owner
Table view can be sorted in ascending/descending order by Id, Tag Name and Owner
Tags can be found by Tag Name, or Owner name – type at least 1 character to get search results in the table.

Add Tag

Create/Edit Tag modal window
  • Icon (on the left of the Name field) – click to set a pictogram from the menu opened. Can be handy to group and differentiate tags visually. Color settings are applied here.
  • Name – give tags unique and meaningful names. **Use only letters, digits, and spaces. 24 characters limit.
  • Color – click to set a color by choosing from presets, using color picker or color html code input. Can be handy to group and differentiate tags visually. Also applies to Icons.


  • Hover on Owner's name to view his/her Email – hint will appear, click Copy pictogram to put it to your clipboard
  • Actions menu:
    • Edit (also can be accessed by click on row area) – opens Tag Еdit modal window
    • Delete – opens Delete confirmation small modal window