HTTPS API Troubleshooting

  • All HTTPS API are case-sensitive. Request path and query parameters letter-case shouldn't be changed.

  • In case you're getting the Invalid token. response from the HTTPS API,

    and you're sure the device auth token is correct - it could be a GEO DNS issue.

You can get the Device auth token in Device info.

Due to current GeoDNS settings you need to put server address with suffix manually depending on your region: – Frankfurt – London – New York – Singapore – Bangalore

The server region can be found in the right bottom corner of the web interface.

Using the wrong region will result in an HTTP status of 308 Permanent Redirect with the correct URL in the Location header value in the response. The device must repeat the request with the correct URL and save the correct region for future requests. Example HTTP redirect response:

HTTP/1.1 308 Permanent Redirect
Content-Length: 0

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