Update Multiple Datastreams Simultaneously

Update multiple Datastreams of a single device with one GET request. It can help with saving the data volume for cellular devices.

Use such update for Map Widget in Blynk.Console so that all datapoints have same timestamp for data and coordinates.

Batch update

GET https://{server_address}/external/api/batch/update?token={token}&{pin1}={value1}&{pin2}={value2}

{% swagger-response status="400" description="Could not find a device token or Wrong pin format or Value doesn't match the Datastream data type" %}

{"error":{"message":"Invalid token."}}


{"error":{"message":"Wrong pin format."}}


{"error":{"message":"Value doesn't match the Datastream data type"}}

You can get the Device auth token in Device info.

You can also use Blynk.Edgent API to send data with the same timestamp.

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