Organization Name – can be up to 80 characters. Use letters, digits, space or '.', '-', ''' characters
Organization Type – there are 4 types possible. Autodetection is applied accordingly to the flow used during Organization registration:
  • Root (accessible only in white-label version)
  • Sub-organization
  • Partners (Business Plan only)
  • Client (Business Plan only)
Description (optional) – organization info container. 500 characters limit with counter at the bottom
Logo – upload Logo (optional) Upload from computer or drag-n-drop Organization logo in .png or .jpg formats and minimal resolution of 500x500px
Phone Number – this field supports 15 digit international phone format for any country. There's a country code selector which can help in case you're not sure about the exact digits. Also it shows country flag after manual input.
Timezone choose a correct one from the drop-down list
Сan create Sub-Organizations – switch it on/off accodingly to allow/prohibit your to create and keep Sub-Organizations inside the Organization .