Blynk.Inject and Blynk.Air

Micro-Services included in Blynk.Edgent

Blynk services (or micro-services) are software modules that perform a certain set of functionality to simplify common use cases.


A micro-service for:

  • Claiming device ownership by users and organizations

  • Provisioning devices with WiFi credentials so they can connect to the end-user WiFi networks.

  • Managing Authentication Tokens

  • UX flow to guide end-users through the process of claiming and provisioning with the help of Blynk.Apps

To get understanding of the Blynk.Inject take a look at the below videos:

You can find the full guide on how to use WiFi provisioning by the link below:

pageWiFi provisioning


A micro-service for Firmware Over-the-Air Updates responsible for:

  • Managing Firmware Over-the-Air Updates shipping campaigns

  • Installing new firmware on the edge devices

You can find the full guide on how to set up OTA updates by the link below:

pageOTA: Firmware Over-The-Air updates

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