Welcome to Blynk Documentation
This documentation covers the latest generation of the Blynk IoT Platform.
Blynk is a full suite of software required to prototype, deploy, and remotely manage connected electronic devices at any scale: from personal IoT projects to millions of commercial connected products.
With Blynk anyone can connect their hardware to the cloud and build a no-code iOS, Android, and web applications to analyze real-time and historical data coming from devices, control them remotely from anywhere in the world, receive important notifications, and much more…
Blynk is a multi-tenant solution. You can configure how users get access to the data by setting roles and configuring permissions.
Applications made with Blynk are ready for the end-users. Whether it is your family member, an employee, or someone who has purchased your product, they will be able to download the app, connect the device and start using it.
Blynk also offers a white-label solution (part of the Business Plan), which means that you can add your company logo, app icon, choose the theme, colors, and publish the app to App Store and Google Play under your company name. These apps will work with your devices.