Actions Log

This table contains every datastream action sent through Blynk.Cloud for this device.

Select or adjust Time Period using the switches on top of the tab.

Table view can be sorted by each of 5 data types represented by columns (mind the lazy loading please):

  • Time – time when device's datastream change was made

  • Name – name of the event, action or user that made the change to device's datastream. Search is supported.

  • Client – source where the command was sent from. Filtering is available here (multiple clients can be selected) by the following clients:

    • Android

    • iOS

    • Web


    • Automation

    • Alexa

    • Google Home

    • Other

  • Datastream – name of datastream that was changed. Search is supported (names only, not IDs)

  • Value – shows the value that was set during last action. Search is supported.

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