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It's important to send data in intervals and keep the void loop() as clean as possible.
BlynkTimer allows you to send data periodically with given intervals not interfering with Blynk library routines Blynk Timer inherits SimpleTimer Library, a well-known and widely used library to time multiple events on hardware. BlynkTimer is included in Blynk library by default and there is no need to install SimpleTimer separately or include SimpleTimer.h
  • A single BlynkTimer object allows to schedule up to 16 timers
  • Improved compatibility with boards like Arduino 101, Intel Galileo, etc.
  • When a timer struggles to run multiple times (due to a blocked loop), it just skips all the missed intervals and calls your function only once. This differs from SimpleTimer, which could call your function multiple times in this scenario.
For more information on timer usage, please see: http://playground.arduino.cc/Code/SimpleTimer And here is a BlynkTimer example sketch.
Please also remember that a single BlynkTimer can schedule many timers, so most probably you need only one instance of BlynkTimer in your sketch.
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