Assets required to publish your apps
Screenshots, app description and other resources necessary for publication of Android/iOS applications in application stores

Domain and Server Location

This server will store all your user accounts and data and will be used to connect your devices.
Location: Country / Region / Continent
Example: - Canada


Google and Apple only allow to publish applications by publishers who have website. If you don't have a website you will need to create one.
Format: Weblink
Google and Apple require a public link to publisher's Privacy Policy which means that you need to add a privacy policy as a separate page to your own website. There is a handful of resources on the web on privacy policy examples for different countries.
Format: Weblink

Short app description

Short description is the first information that your potential users will see in an app listing. It allows to highlight the main features using targeted keywords and phrases.
Requirements: Length: up to 80 characters
Example: The August & Wonder app is the companion app for August & Wonder objects.
How it looks:

Full app description

Full Description allows your potential users to learn more about the app, its primary features, functions, benefits and use cases.
Requirements: Length: up to 4000 characters
Example: This app is for setting up and controlling August & Wonder enchanted art objects.
August & Wonder creates enchanted decor objects that evoke, connect and inform. The Market, the first magical creation, captures and reflects the fundamental binary pattern of the stock- market, continually shifting from Bull to Bear and back again - sometimes gently, sometimes dramatically. Learn more at
How it looks:

Screenshots of your Android application

A set of screenshots of your application.
    Minimum: 2 screenshots
    Maximum: 8 screenshots
    Format: JPEG or 24-bit PNG
    Transparency: Not allowed
    Minimum size: 320px
    Maximum size: 3840px
    The maximum dimension of your screenshot can't be more than twice as long as the minimum dimension.

Video for Apple Review

This video will demonstrate the work-ability of your product and application. It will not be publicly available and is necessary only for Apple Review.
Your iOS devices must be near your product. It is not allowed to use video montage or screen recording.
Therefore, the presence of your iOS application next to your product or prototype is a must.
Duration: 1 - 3 minutes Resolution: 480p or more Format: MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, FLV or Weblink Example:

Test account for Google and Apple employees

This account allows Google and Apple Store employees to open your application during Review phase.
This account must already have added devices. The employees should not add devices using Static or Dynamic Provisioning.
Dashboard must match the one that will be displayed in the Demo-video.
Required information: Login and Password
Login: [email protected] Password: test
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