App and board logs. How to send application and board logs correctly

Logs are a very powerful tool in the hands of our developers. Using them we can find a cause of an issue within a minimum amount of time.

This documentation is for the LEGACY version of Blynk platform which is no longer supported and will be shut down.

You can sign up for the current version of Blynk platform here.

The new mobile apps can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play.

The actual Blynk documentation is here.

How to prepare and send the logs?

Mobile app [Android and iOS]

Please follow these steps: 1. Open your standalone application 2. Log into your account 3. Open device section:

4. Click the version button:

5. Click "Clear logs" button":

6. Reproduce the issue again 7. Click "Send logs to developer" button:

8. Choose your Email client [Gmail, Spark, etc.] 9. Add issue name to the email body

10. Click "Send" button In case you have issues logging into the application or connecting to a server you can send logs from the app splash screen. To do this, you need to long click on the logo:


Please follow these steps: 1. Activate the detailed logging [debug mode] 2. Flash the new sketch to your board 3. Open Serial Monitor Output:

4. Reproduce the issue:

5. Save board logs as a separate text file 6. Attach the file to email with issue name and description of the issue

Bare-minimum sketch

If an issue is in your code and it is not reproducible with the Sketch Template please send us a bare-minimum sketch. It allows you to reproduce the issue and does not contain unnecessary logic because we will not be able to review all your lines of code.


If your issue is with: 1. UI / UX: we will need a screenshot with the issue

2. Communication with a server: we will need your application logs 3. Sending data between board-server-application: we will need your application logs / Serial Monitor Output / bare-minimum sketch 4. If a screenshot will not display the issue because it is not static or it is difficult to describe it with the text - we will need a video.

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