How to find code for my hardware?

Does my hardware work with Blynk? Which example code should I use with my hardware?

This documentation is for the LEGACY version of Blynk platform which is no longer supported and will be shut down.

You can sign up for the current version of Blynk platform here.

The new mobile apps can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play.

The actual Blynk documentation is here.

Blynk works with hundreds of hardware models and connection types. We prepared Blynk Examples Sketch Builder that allows you to create example code for your hardware.

⚙️ Find a full list of all supported hardware here

☝️ Before moving forward, make sure you have Blynk Library properly installed.

Find the example code for your hardware

  1. Choose your board

  2. Choose your Connection (WiFi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, USB...)

  3. Browse through examples and choose the one you need

  4. Sketch Builder will create a sketch for you.

  5. Copy the whole code and paste it to Arduino IDE

Input your Auth Token

In the example sketch find the line:

char auth[] = "YourAuthToken";

Change it with your own Auth Token (it should be in your email inbox after you created the Project in the Blynk app.

Now this line should look similar to this:

char auth[] = "53e4da8793764b6197fc44a673ce4e21";

🔥 Flash the example code to your hardware

Done! Now go and try other examples:

Find the example code for your hardware

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