Particle Electron

This documentation is for the LEGACY version of Blynk platform which is no longer supported and will be shut down.

You can sign up for the current version of Blynk platform here.

The new mobile apps can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play.

The actual Blynk documentation is here.

Getting Started

To start with Particle Electron, please refer to this example.


  • If you see the Device Offline or Invalid Auth Token messages, please check this part of the example:

// Run command "ping", and set Blynk IP to the shown address
#define BLYNK_IP IPAddress(45,55,130,102)

Note, that this is a temporary measure.

  • There were reports that some versions of Electron firmware failed to work with Blynk. Version 0.6.0 is recommended, and 0.5.3 is confirmed to work fine.


Blynk can consume quite a lot of data! Use carefully not no overpay for the data plan. Each call to virtualWrite(), or setProperty(), and most widget API calls will consume some data. Also, Blynk sends "heartbeat" messages with a fixed interval (defaults to 10 seconds), to keep the network connection alive. Each heartbeat uses ~90 bytes of data. You can modify this interval, putting this line on the top of your sketch (before including Blynk headers):

// Set Blynk hertbeat interval (in seconds)

Please choose the one that works best for you.

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