Organization Management

Here you can view and edit Organization info, manage Users and switch to sub-organizations you have access to.

Organization management

Open the left side menu and tap your Organization Name (Test Reseller on screenshot) to view it's settings

On this screen you can edit Organization Information, switch to another organization or navigate to Organization Members tab to edit users list.

Members management

Members tab displays all members of the current organization and invite new one's.

  • Status – 3 registration statuses are possible:

    • pending – the user is invited, but the email is not confirmed (user haven't logged in)

    • active – the user confirmed the email, logged at least one time

    • inactive – the user hasn't logged for 1 month

To invite new member press Invite New Member

Fill new members Email and name. Choose a role to see what permissions new member will have, then tap Invite to confirm

Blynk has 3 types of users roles that can have different permissions sets:

  • Admin – supposed to have maximum permissions set

  • Staff – we recommend to set up and use this role for user support processes such as handling user invitation, device check and debug, view and assist users' organizations

  • Users – supposed to have least permissions set that is focued mostly on managing user's own devices.