Updating the apps made with Blynk
How you can update your own apps when they are published to App Store and Google Play
Let's take look at different types of updates available on Blynk IoT platform.

• Updates before app is published

Before your app is published to app stores, Blynk will provide you with test versions of iOS and Android apps for testing purposes. You will get as many versions as needed and there are no extra charges for that.
Also, if you find a bug, we will fix it at no charge. No matter if it's after the app was published, or before.

• Updates after your app was published

After your app is published to App Store and Google Play, you are still able to perform app updates.
There are 2 types of updates you can use:
  1. 1.
    Product Template update
  2. 2.
    New app release

1. Product Template Update

Product template can be made at any point after apps are published to app stores without re-exporting and re-publishing. Any changes you make to template will be reflected instantly for all the users
For example, if you add a new button in Template, all of your customers who use the devices which inherit this template will see a new button once they open your app.
To update your apps using Blynk.Faces™ you would need an active Business Plan subscription.

2. Updating with a new app release

👆When your app is published to app stores it will have all the platform features available at the moment of publication.
However, Blynk is being constantly developed and new features are added every month. Also, new smartphone OS versions appear, and we improve many existing features.
If you would like to add a new feature to the app that has been already published, a new app release is required.
For example: You publish the app on March, 14th. In April, Blynk releases a new widget. You believe that your customers will benefit from using this new functionality. Since it wasn't available at the time of publishing, we would need to export your app again with a new widget and re-publish it to app stores.
If you are signed up for monthly payments, you would need to purchase every update separately. It's a one-time purchase that is added on top of the plan.
White label soliution (annual plan) includes 2 free updates during 12 months.
If you have any questions on app updates, please contact us.