Blynk.Console is a feature-rich web application that can be used by different types of users. Major functionality of this product is:

  1. Configuration of how connected devices work on the platform + application settings.

  2. Management of devices, their data, users, organizations and locations

  3. Remote monitoring and control of devices

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Blynk.Apps is a multi-functional native iOS and Android mobile application that serves these major functions:

  1. Remote monitoring and control of connected devices that work with Blynk platform

  2. Configuration of mobile UI during prototyping and production stages

  3. Automate work of connected devices

Blynk.apps is a white-label solution.

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Full documentation on Blynk.Apps is here


Edge + Agent = Edgent

Blynk.Edgent is a lightweight embedded library that runs on over 400 supported hardware models

Main functions of Blynk.Edgent are:

  1. Device claiming and Wi-Fi provisioning (bringing device online and authenticating them with a certain user)

  2. Connectivity management (WiFi, Cellular, Ethernet)

  3. Data transfer between the device and cloud

  4. API to work with specific Blynk.Apps and features

  5. Over-the-air firmware updates (for selected hardware models)

Full documentation on Blynk.Edgent is here


Blynk.Cloud is a server infrastructure – heart of Blynk IoT platform. Cloud is responsible for binding all the platform components together.

Blynk also offers private servers. See the offerings and prices here.

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